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Installation Services



Our gutters 5 INCH standard, or 6 INCH - the preferred for HARD TEXAS STORMS; are manufactured SEAMLESS at your home from .027 thick stock that comes PREFINISHED with 35 different BAKED ENAMEL paint colors; which are warranted against peeling, flaking, and corrosion for 50 years.  YES, you could also paint over the prefinished color for your specific color needs.

We PITCH our gutters to DRAIN using commercial grade LEVELS and install them LEAKLESS - BEHIND your roof edge flashing.  The STRENGTH of our system, comes from using the strongest HIDDEN HANGER bracket, that we believe is manufactured anywhere (each of which has been engineered to carry a load of 20 pounds).  We SPACE them 2 FEET apart and ANCHOR them with 1 1/2 inch neopreme SCREWS.

The only seams - at corners - are SEALED with our industries highest grade SELF-LEVELING sealant: 12 - 1 by trade name was developed by GOODYEAR chemists for the sheet metal industry.  Accept nothing LESS, or expect LEAKS.

GUTTER MASTERS LLC uses only  STAINLESS steel color matched  SHEET METAL SCREWS to fasten our components.  We often hear back from property owners who did not choose us and were upset to find UGLY RUSTED SPOTS on their finished guttering systems.  This does not happen with OUR installations.

For DRAINING the rain QUICKLY from the gutter into the downspout - an often overlooked detail - the best method is a pre-formed outlet.  Even better is having the LARGEST OPENING possible - 2 3/4 inch diameter outlet for a 2 x 3 spout and a 3 3/4 inch diameter outlet for a 3 x 4 spout.  Without these outlest - SEALED with 12 - 1, to anchor the top of the downspout to, you will be gambling with loose parts and leaks later, from the years of draining the rainwater through them.

Let's not overlook the DOWNSPOUT STRENGTH, which comes form properly constructed joints in each spout section.  We make the male end CRIMPED, not partially collapsed (a common shortcut); which reduces the flow of rain.  We use two color matching stainless steel sheet metal  SCREWS at each joint and strap.  A well built spout deserves to be well anchored.  Our RAMSET NAILS with washers cost more, but the strap cannot pullover the head of our nail, allowing the spout to FALL OFF the wall, as other's can sometimes do.


Gutter Cleaning

Debri will clog your gutters and cause them to spill over.  The weight caused by debri and standing rain water will pull gutters loose, and break down the sealant. 

Roof grit and dust will build up as sediment and prevent rain from draining quickly through the troughs. 

Since debri can build up on the roof and valley's, all houses with trees should have a thorough blowing and flushing four times a year, if no leaf protection is used.  With our leaf protection the roof and gutter systems should still be cleaned and flushed annually at a minimum. 

We start by cleaning the entire roof, with a blower.  We then broom sweep any debri that clings to the leaf protection.  Finally, we use a jet stream nozzle on the garden hose to wash away all debri from gutter, leaf protection, downspouts, extensions and storm drain pipes, if used.

Simply cleaning the gutter trough is woefully inadequate. 

Gutter Masters schedules regular preventative maintenance programs with our clients to stop clogging, and other problems.

Rain Gutter Repairs


Some rain gutter problems are most cost effective to replace.  Some problems should simply be repaired.  Call Harry Tropoloc to get the options, advantages, and disadvantages of each explained to you.  We have been replacing and repairing gutter problems since 1987.

Many repairs are from age, lack of maintenance, and faulty componets and hardware.  However in the last 10-15 years, gutter problems are a direct result of poor installation techniques.  These faulty installs happen because installers are paid by the foot, not by the hour, thus requiring workers to simply go too fast and take 'short cuts'.  In most recent years there are not sufficient training programs and procedures from qualified and knowledgable people to teach the new workers, thus these guy's are 'practicing' on your home.

Repairs caught in time by Gutter Masters LLC can prevent future replacement cost.


We frequently make these repairs to rain gutters:

Sagging Gutters Leaks at Corners Leaks at Seams Gutters Overspilling
Rain Leaks 'Behind' Gutter Rain 'Overshooting' Gutter Gutters 'Holding' Water Gutter 'Spikes' Backing Out
Gutter Hangers Drooping Downspout Joints Collapsed Downspouts Coming Off Wall Bottom Elbows Fall Off
Rain Pooling at Foundation Downspout Seams Leaking Downspout Extensions Crushed Downspout Extenstion Falling Off